Bom Interceptor

Bom interceptor space ship 3d model free download smuggler mercenary pirate fighter attack rival police transport speed

/// This model cannot be downloaded /// Made for the "Survival Strike" game ///

This "Bom" type interceptor was built from the ground up by the smugglers group which call themselves "2ne1". It is primarily used to intercept and attack rival groups that may venture into their territory and sometimes can be seen attacking police ships, most likely as a decoy so that the smuggler's main transport ships could pass through the sector without problems. The exact specs of this ship are unknown however it is capable of extreme speeds and able to make sharp turns at a glance, which is probably why no one has managed to shoot down one of these ships yet. Recently this interceptor made a name for itself when one such a ship, piloted by a 2ne1 ace, took on a transport convoy guarded by five heavy fighters and not only did it came out victorious from the fight but he also destroyed the transport ship, which was carrying luxury food and fine wines destined for a celebration held in the honor of a local governor. Needless to say the celebration got cancelled and the news of the attack aired on the info networks all over the sector. Everyone wondered how one ship could destroy so easily five heavily armed ships piloted by highly trained men and this made the "Bom" interceptor and its pilot a local infamous celebrity. A classified police report which was leaked recently to the mass media states that as a result of all this exposure, the ATMC corporation got their eyes on this new design with advanced maneuvering capabilities and are now negotiating with 2ne1 for the interceptor blueprints.


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