Dara Mothership

Dara Mothership 3d model original concept art solcommand class raid outpost border world mercenary combat warship destroyer command elite police cargo pirate clan

// This model cannot be downloaded. // Made for the "Survival Strike" game. //

A few years back, the pirates captured this "Dara" class mothership during one of their raids on an outpost in the border worlds. It was a daring move on their part as at that particular time this ship was protected by a squadron of elite police ships because the mothership was carrying several containers with experimental handheld weapons. Due to this extremely valuable cargo, several pirate clans formed a temporary alliance in order to breach the police defense perimeter and after a quick yet brutal fight, with severe loses on both sides, the pirates managed to board the ship. The original plan was for them to jettison the cargo pods and pick them up using a a transport ship, however the transporter was critically damaged during the battle as it was approaching the drop coordinates, so the pirates were faced with a choice, either pull back and accept a major defeat or try something they haven't considered before, not even as a backup plan, to capture the mothership and try make a run for it.  This new plan proved to be far easier to execute than expected as during the fight, the civilian personnel on board abandoned the ship so the pirates only had to crack the flight computer's main code, which is what they're best at, and power up the ship's cruise engines.
Nowadays, after the pirates which formed the temporary alliance fought among themselves, only one pirate clan has control over the mothership and this gives them a tactical advantage during all their attacks, as this way they can attack any target of opportunity and get out of there fast, due to the ship's advanced cruise engines, before the police or military can intervene. Right now, this sector of space is notorious for ships being looted or disappearing completely and word goes that the pirates plan to expand their control over several neighboring sectors.


  1. Wow, i see big reincarnation of yours yearly ships :)

  2. Hehe could be. I made so many designs that I can't remember right now which one you're referring too.