Dominique - Border Patrol WIP

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dominique, space ship, craft, border, patrol, sci fi, 3d, model

This one's front cannon is inspired by the UNSC Aegis Fate from the Halo series. Model will not be made available for public download.

The Dominique is a new design fresh out of the shipyard and due to landing a huge contract with the local military force, it is on its way of becoming the only ship of its class used for patrols in the sector. The military spokesman declared: "I admit, I love Dominique and I chose it for the contract as I always had a soft spot for lady-named ships and, still, it's a damn good ship I might add."


  1. :O
    I'm speechless
    The world would be a boring place if it was not for people like you, your talents & your generosity.

  2. So ... you could say this is ... out of this world ? :D :D :D

  3. Perfect to illustrate an AKV (Autonomous Kill Vehicle) in FARC

  4. Awesome looking capital. I think it resembles a Murphy-Class Destroyer from Wing Commander.