Kurat Command Ship WIP

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Poly count - 22.500. Model will not be made available for public download.

The Kurat is made by the same shipyard which designed and built the Dominique Border Patrol line of vessels  and it is equipped with what some say is the most powerful gun ever mounted on a ship. Basically, the entire ship was built around the gun and its internal structure has been reinforced to withstand the huge recoil the gun has when it's being fired.
Kurat is one of a kind and it is a force to be reckoned. Apart from its main gun, which is better called a cannon,  that is capable of ripping a weaker capital ship in half in just one shot, it also has 3 other large guns and a myriad of smaller turrets and missile launchers. The theory behind its design is that it should hit fast and with all it has.


  1. Looks good, like it will fit right into the Star Citizen universe!

  2. I'd love to see ships like this in that game. Can't wait until the devs will show us more of the big ships they have in plan.

  3. Now that is what i would call my flagship! She is beautiful!!
    Nany chance of getting to use this in my personal sins mod? Love the design keep up the good work!! Heres my email acidtripout@googlemail.com

  4. Hey mate. Really glad you like it ! Unfortunately I cannot give away this ship as I made it specifically for one game, hopefully it will get to be used in the final version of the game.

    1. Thats fine your work should defo be used and shown off! Especially this one.. Im guessing that game is Dominion if so i am watching that very closely, if you do have any similar designs that aren't being used i look forward to possibly seeing them on here.