Cocindril Destroyer WIP

Cocindril destroyer space ship spacecraft frigate battleship futuristic scifi concept art 3d model solcommand game patrol vessel lawless military police defense fleet

This ship is unique for the game "Dominion" so it cannot be downloaded.

A test prototype of a Cocindril class destroyer has been built at the Maksw Shipyard located in the YAR-1313 sector and two more are due to be completed in just a few months. Its main mission is to patrol and secure the area around the shipyard against raids made by the pirates or other lawless forces. Due to its top of the line sensor arrays it can even detect ships which use lower tech cloaking devices favored by some pirate infiltrators that have wrecked havoc on the shipyard's installations in the past. That, combined with its firepower, which is specialized in tracking and taking down small and agile ships, plus several capital sized cannons for larger skirmishes, means the Cocindril is a fine addition to any defensive fleet.


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