UNION Kite class frigate

This model is made for the UNION game.
Tris: 23,430

The Kite class frigate is designed to give the best chance of survival in a confrontation by use of advanced shielding systems and very powerful engines which give it a level of maneuverability that's hard to match. This ship is currently manufactured and used by UNION, an aggressive merc corporation specialized in securing objectives for any paying customer. They were, more than once, in conflict with military and police forces due to the way they conduct their business and have been at the core of multiple politically run armed conflicts in the Badlands. This corporation is often seen as the main destabilizing element for peace talks in the outer system region and their powerful Kite frigates play their role very well as a fear factor in all these conflicts.


  1. Definitely one of your nicer models, hope to see some variations on this chassis

  2. Very nice Sol! Glad to see your a dab hand in the painting department as well :)

  3. Hehe, cheers guys :)
    I'm still quite far from where I'd like to be in terms of textures. I need to see how I can get my hands on a Photoshop license sometime soon and start learning/using that thing. I hope that after that my textures will improve.