Wardrum - Command ship

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wardrum command ship void destroyer spaceship conceptships original custom unique 3d model mesh low poly solcommand pc game

This ship was made for the "Void Destroyer" game so it cannot be downloaded. The design was built using several parts supplied by the game's dev (he also made the texture) and some other original creations of mine. The idea was for this command ship to resemble and fit as much as possible with the rest of the ships already in the game but also be somewhat different and unique, so it was quite a challenge. The model has 12k triangles.

I strongly recommend you guys check out this game because even at its current early stage of development it is still cool to play. You can fly small and agile fighters or even large and slow capital ships, all with very different gameplay styles. Here's a bit of info about it:

"An independent (self funded) space combat simulator with real time strategy elements. Set in a desolate asteroid field, you are in command. Orbiting asteroid bases are powered by solar radiation from an artificial sun. Inside countless masses live, work and die mining ore. The lucky ones are in space, competing against other factions and fighting alien forces. Survive to discover the truth, conquer the void to escape! This is a game in the making, on a monthly update schedule, the goal is to create an exciting and immersive experience. In development since May 2009, the project reached the free prototype stage in January of 2011. A hobby project that hopes to become commercial. The game is playable, and I believe fun, with much more work to be done."