Terms of Use

* All the models have attached a document for "terms of use" (license). Some of these documents are old so you should check the solcommand.com site for newer info.

* Models are made by "SolCommand" from www.solcommand.com

* You can use all the models which are available for free download for any personal or commercial project that you may be working on (video, school project, game, etc.) with the only request that the author is mentioned in your project's credits, using the name "SolCommand" and a link to the site solcommand.com

* You can edit the models however you like (rename, retexture, edit the mesh, etc.) without having to ask for express permission, just don't claim them as your own when you're done.

* If you feel like giving something back as a token of appreciation for the models, you can always push the "Donate" button so that more models can be made for people to enjoy.

* It would be appreciated if you'd send an email with some info on your project as I'm always curious on who uses the models and how.

* If you need a custom low-poly original model send an email with some details.

* That's about it, enjoy the models and remember people, make Love not War ! :)


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