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Mar 2, 2015

Hey guys

  Hey there.

  As you've probably noticed I've been gone for some time now as it's been quite a busy time for me. Now I just had a look at my email account and I saw several hundred emails from you guys, some of them sent quite a while ago. I'll do my best to respond to most of them in the following weeks but I don't think I'll respond to those older than 2 months, as I believe that whatever was the reason you sent that email, that reason is long gone now.
  I'm not entirely "back" yet. I'm merely checking up on you guys, see how you're doing, if some of you still need help with your projects and stuff like that, but if all things turn out ok in the following months I may be starting to get back at making 3D models for the site soon. Let's see.


Rest in peace Leonard Nimoy  :(

Mar 3, 2014

Dobrev frigate

Tris: 3,886

Prafira station

Tris: 54,468

This station acts as base of operations for two PMU ships.

PMU 2044

Tris: 49,826

Personal mining unit - year 2044
Features several parts that can be used as upgrades by the player ingame, such as cargo space, energy cells, drill heads, fuel storage, oxygen reserves, engines and sensors.
The PMU has several robotic arms that can be used during the mining process, such as a grabbing arm, extendable suction cup, laser cutter, extendable drill and cargo moving arm.
In addition the cockpit section can open so that the astronaut can go out for a space walk.

Dec 22, 2013

UNION Kite class frigate

This model is made for the UNION game.
Tris: 23,430

The Kite class frigate is designed to give the best chance of survival in a confrontation by use of advanced shielding systems and very powerful engines which give it a level of maneuverability that's hard to match. This ship is currently manufactured and used by UNION, an aggressive merc corporation specialized in securing objectives for any paying customer. They were, more than once, in conflict with military and police forces due to the way they conduct their business and have been at the core of multiple politically run armed conflicts in the Badlands. This corporation is often seen as the main destabilizing element for peace talks in the outer system region and their powerful Kite frigates play their role very well as a fear factor in all these conflicts.

Santa epic split

(Live Test 7). Printable Santa 3D model.

Santa has had his ups and downs, his fair share of bumpy roads and heavy winds but that's what made him what he is today. Now he stands here before you. What you see is a gift inside a box crafted to perfection, a pair of reindeers that defy every order they get and a mindset to master the most epic of splits.
Forget Van Damme and Chuck Norris, those guys are pussies ! This year Santa is teaching them all how an epic split is properly done !

Merry Christmas guys and thank you for a great year !

Nov 14, 2013

Tagawa Battleship WIP

Tris: 43.121
This is based on the Xi’An capital ship concept art from RSI.

Here's a small update featuring some slightly redesigned engine pods and more details and guns.

Nov 5, 2013

Win a Diamant Tools plugin for Maya

Welcome guys !


The contest is held at solcommand.com and the prize is provided by rd3d.com.

Diamant Tools are professional tools developed by Rich Diamant, Lead Character Modeler at Blizzard Entertainment and he is kindly offering a license worth $199 US to the lucky winner of this contest.

Diamant Tools are currently being used in production environments around the world by professionals at top companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Valve, Bungie, Crytek, and now maybe you as well !

This plugin is a fully integrated Automatic UV mapper and Editor for Maya as well as a suite of Custom Modeling Tools made specifically for production use which will make your workflow that much faster and easier.

Features in Diamant Modeling Tools include:
- Custom selection brushes for UV Edge and Anchor marking
- Automatic UV mapping
- Custom UV editor with color distortion
- Maya UV editing tools
- UV ratio
- Symmetrical brush-based modeling tools
- Custom retopology tools
- Mesh sliding
- Mudbox/Zbrush-style brushes
- Topology point transfer
- Mesh Projection
and more


All you need to do is to post a quick comment on this page to let us know that you'd like to enter the contest and that's it.
Now, to make sure we can contact you if you win, also post your email address or Facebook profile link in your comment.
Note: any double posts will be deleted guys.

The contest will run starting 5th November until 20 November.
To keep it simple and fair, the lucky winner will be chosen from the comments via Random.org and the draw will be recorded.

That's all folks. Good luck and I hope you'll put this plugin to a good use :)


The winner of our contest is Jacque Choi !
Congratulations mate ! Have fun using this great plugin :)

A big thank you to everyone that participated and let's hope I find some more prizes to offer again in the near future :) If anyone would like to sponsor the next contest please send me a mail.


Oct 23, 2013

Virgin Radio

Tris: 9,078

Virgin Radio will soon drop the beat in the entire solar system when the new fleet of mobile broadcasting ships will be launched. Now you can listen to your favorite radio even when doing your daily raids on some poor colonists from a backwater world or when mining in those asteroid belts at the edge of civilized space.

Oct 22, 2013

Ender Battlecruiser

Tris: 7,398

The three Ender battlecruiser prototypes were commissioned by the Cyberian Software mega-corporation and built on the shipyards at Colony 47. Their main purpose is to protect at all costs the convoys hauling the latest installment of the popular virtual reality game GTA 5-SPACE to the stores across the solar system. The battlecruisers are equipped with a myriad of weapons, torpedo launchers and other offensive systems, all in hopes that they will succede in their mission to end the recent waves of looting by the legions of hardcore gamers who will stop at nothing to get their filthy hands on a copy of the game. It's a crazy world.