• Hey guys !

    There are currently 200+ original 3D sci-fi models available for free download. You can preview and download whichever one you like.
    Thank you for your time and enjoy my models.

  • The "Free Models project" is based on donations.
    If you appreciate the work done here please consider making a small contribution for the cause.

    Have a nice day.
  • Custom Art

    If you're an old time fan, a student or a starting indie dev and you need a custom 3D model for a sci-fi project of yours, give me a call and we'll see what we can come up with together.

  • What's Popular

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    personal mining unit futuristic equipment space ship industrial miner

    SolCommand designs and builds

    A few years ago I was working on a complete overhaul for PC game "Freelancer" but after a wile the project shut down. During that time I created a number of sci-fi models, which afterwards I thought would be nice if I gave them to the community, as such I released them all for free public download. My wish was that someone would find a use for them in their own project, be it a video, a school project or even games ... and seems that was my turning point.
    I realized then I actually love helping out people, so from that moment on, I made even more models, either original designs or from concept art/sketches made by you. There is now an entire collection of models available for download, some are WIPs, some are completed and they're usually in 3DS, OBJ, or Blend format.
    I hope my gift to you and all the hard work I put in these models will make your day better and your project easier.
    See you around !


    Dobrev frigate

    space ship scifi frigate low poly free download 3d model