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Under construction - please let me know if you have some links of your own.

Indie Games:
* Project Space Sector - spiritual successor to Master of Orion 2
* StarDrop - salvage and rescue operations
* Void Destroyer - tactical space simulation
* Dominion - space combat,trading and exploration
* FAR Colony - a great game of exploration and space colonization
* FTL - a real-time spaceship simulation

Community Websites:
* The Starport - gathering place for all "Freelancer" fans
* Space Sim Central - the place to go for all fans of space sims
* Space Sector - nice source of Sci-Fi game reviews
* Scifi-Meshes - lots of skilled people in 3D art
* Space Game Junkie - news and reviews
* ArtStation - original 3D designs and concept art
* CG Trader - best 3D store out there
* 3D Links - a great resource for models

Internet gold:
* - free music/sound effects by Eric Matyas
* SpaceDashboard - realtime info and video stream from the ISS
* Asterank - asteroid orbits and info
* Apollo 17 - journey through the Apollo 17 mission
* Stars.ChromeExperiments - our local solar systems
* Jason Davies - real size comparison for countries
* GraphOverflow - 3D periodic table
* PTable - highly detailed periodic table
* BBC Earth - turning points in our planet's history
* Linux Mint - best free operating system
* 3DInsider - leading 3D printing news site
* Hystory Stack - history of the Earth
* EU Countries - Welcome to the European Union

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