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Kitbash kit greeble lowpoly pack - 271 sci fi futuristic cityscapes and spaceship design

Kitbash kit sci fi series futuristic cityscapes design and spaceships concepts - 271 set solcommand

Kitbash kit of low poly greebles for sci-fi designs and futuristic concepts of spaceships, space stations and city rooftops.

Click on the button below to free download a pack of 20 greebles or support me in creating more such models for you in the future and buy the entire kitbash kit of 271 greebles for a very small price on Gumroad 3D marketplace. 

For my followers here on my site I'm also giving a 5$ discount code you just need to copy and paste before the checkout. The voucher is: "greeble discount".

Get this greeble pack

I've come up with a large greeble collection of 271 scifi and futuristic kitbash objects and shapes to help you easily create entirely new original spaceships and spacestations and detailing their hulls, populating roofs of buildings for cityscape renders and quick creation of a wide variety of intricate concept art designs by combining these different 3D models to come up with completely unique scenes. 

These 3D models were done primarily to be used in my game project so they were specifically made to have a fairly low polygon count, anywhere between 100 faces to 2000, so that way you may rest easy knowing you can clone these objects many times without worrying you'll crash your software or game engine. 

The kitbash pack contains hundreds of low poly meshes ranging from sensors, vents, signs, fuel storage, hatches, scaffolding and many more other random objects and simple shapes, all arranged nicely in one single file so you can quickly pick and copy/paste the objects you need for your scenes and concepts.
The greebles come in multiple file formats: BLEND (native 2.91), FBX, OBJ, DAE, STL.

Kitbash kit sci fi series futuristic cityscapes design and spaceships concepts solcommand

If during your use of these models you happen to come across some sort of issue with a particular mesh then please message me so that I may go ahead and fix the problem as soon as possible.

If you have some specific greebles in mind that you just can't find anywhere else then by all means please feel free to message me with some details about what you're looking for and I may create those greebles for a future update to this pack or a new pack.

 Please note that the meshes do not have custom UV unwrapping and do not have materials assigned to them, so you can rest easy that when copying these greebles in your scene you won't also be copying weird materials alongside and won't make a mess of your clean material list.

All objects have proper origin positions at the base of each mesh but only if you open the greebles via the BLEND, FBX or DAE formats. If however you import the greebles via the OBJ or STL formats then the origins will be placed at world origin, that is simply a limitation of these file types.



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