About me

A few years ago I was working on a complete overhaul for PC game "Freelancer" but after a wile the project shut down. During that time I created a number of sci-fi models, which afterwards I thought would be nice if I gave them to the community, as such I released them all for free public download under the username SolCommand. My wish was that someone would find a use for them in their own project, be it a video, a school project or even games ... and seems that was my turning point. I realized then I actually love helping out people, so from that moment on I made even more models, either original designs or from concept art/sketches made by you.

About the "Free Models" project

My aim is to create a  very large collection of 3D models that people can download and use however they want with basically no strings attached in whatever industry and project they may be working on, amateur and commercial. One of the reasons I started this site is because many people were having trouble finding good and well built free 3D models, as most of them were full of errors and with a too high polygon count. So I stepped in and started making for them exactly what they needed based on their specific requests.
There is now an entire collection of models available for download, some are WIP (work in progress), some are completed and they're usually in 3DS or OBJ  format. Older models may not be of an impressive quality but, with newer ones I try to keep the mesh as clean as possible so they'd work flawlessly in games and also to make it easier for you to edit them. Many newer designs are now modular in nature so you can scale and rearrange their parts or remove them entirely if you so desire.
Almost all models currently available for download belong in the scifi category and they're meant for game use, however I plan to diversify in the future, to start making entire scenes (most likely in .blend format), not just single objects. Those too will be placed on my server for your use.
I hope my gift to you and all the hard work I put in these models will make your day better and your project easier.

Want to help ?

One of the things I enjoyed doing was to create small original background stories for the various space ships and stations, it felt like that gave them a bit more character. Unfortunately so many of them still remained without such a description due to time restrictions and serious lack in inspiration lately.
As such, if you'd like to help out in this particular department, feel free to create a short original scifi story for whatever model you wish and I'll make sure to give you the proper credit in the model's page, along with a link to your site and a short author bio if you have one.
The story can be as short as 5 rows or as long as you feel it's needed for it to have soul, flare.
Looking forward to reading your stories, cheers !