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A station located deep inside guerrilla controlled territory. It's placed in a gas cloud and collects a specific type of gas that is later turned into a drug called "Stardust". It's just one of the ways the guerrilla makes money to fund their activities.


  1. Hi Sol Commander! I am developing a space game in the molds of Homeworld, and I used some of your models to flesh out the game. It is coming out really fine and I am very happy that I found your website. Your models really standout in professionalism and creativity! Thanks for your kindness for distributing for no charge part of your personal library.

    Models I used so far:
    Stardust, Xarian fighter and Anna V.

    When I have something to show you I will drop a link for your evaluation.
    For now take a look at my work in:

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Hey mate

    I gotta say, the "Cockroach Paradise" looks pretty damn amazing but the "Local Universe 3D" is just fantastic. Those planet textures really stand out, did you made them yourself ?


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