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Anna-V Destroyer variations

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Last night the Guerrilla attacked the military mining installations on the Ke'yra asteroid from the border zone. These installations supplied the military fighters in the sector with fuel and this area is heavily contested by the guerrillas and local pirates, however no one was expecting an attack on this location at this time. Why at this time ? Cause recently word was out that guerrillas have designed and built a new destroyer model, named "Anna-V", and were planning to attack a military objective, as such, more forces were dispatched in the area to guard these installations, enough to scare away any common attacking fleet. Everyone expected that this destroyer would be one of a kind, built with spare parts from the scrap yard, as are all the other of their ships, yet when the attack began, a local spy satellite took pictures of 20 distinct Guerrilla Destroyers. This took the defensive force by surprise as they were not ready for a confrontation with a fleet this big and now this sector is labeled as "Outlaw", with few law enforcement fighters patrolling, least until the military retake the asteroid or establish another fuel supply line.
The news agencies all across Inara now name this attack as the "Inara-V Variations".


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