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Heresy the Spectral Passage

Heresy spectral passage asteroid ship incident 3d model free download concept art combat research science experiment gone wrong scifi futuristic

The army started a secret project called "The Spectral Passage" not long ago and has done its best to keep it far from the public ... that is until just recently when all hell broke loose.

Two years ago ...

A scientist exploring the outskirts of the solar system picked up on his scanner an unknown energy signature originating from an object that was located far outside the system. Since his vessel was poorly equiped for a journey this long, he sent his gathered data to the army, which shortly responded by sending a small fleet of ships to the signature coordinates after analyzing the data send to them. What they discovered there was something that went beyond the known laws of physics. They named the anomaly ZPE, "Zero Point Energy", and proceeded to build an outpost to research it. The ZPE was trapped inside an asteroid made up of unique minerals which practically kept this energy suspended in a bubble, much like a shield and, as they would discover later, also stopped the harmful radiations from radiating to the surrounding areas.

One year ago ...

They are still experiencing difficulties in completing the outpost because of intense unnatural electro-magnetic activity near the asteroid which renders useless any electrical equipment in less than one month, so the outpost's equipment needs to be renewed on a steady basis. Even so, they managed to accuratelly scan the ZPE and all the scientists participating in the project have reached a consensus ... it would seem this energy could be harvested and used to open bridges to parallel universes, something that could pave the way for unprecedented technological breakthroughs.

Less than a week ago ...

This project's worst case scenario came true. It would seem one of the scientists that did not approve the use of the ZPE to power the creation of an inter-dimensional bridge tried to stop the project by handing over the outpost's coordinates to the Guerrillas. What happened next is being aired on all the news stations throughout Inara. Soon after the guerrillas received the coordinates and understood the magnitude of the project and it's importance to the army, they sent an attack fleet to destroy this military objective. During the attack, some of the guerrilla ships broke through the defense perimeter and engaged the automated turrets based on the asteroid. The energy based weapons used by them destabilized the minerals keeping the ZPE trapped inside the asteroid and the zero point energy was released. In a matter of seconds huge time dilation waves started sweeping the entire region of space accompanied by thousands of pockets of exotic matter that ripped in pieces anything that was close by. Some of these pockets turned into wormholes linking, some to parallel universes and others to galaxies so far away they're considered to be near the edge of the Universe. The asteroid itself, from which all this originated, turned into a sphere of an unknown liquid matter with an immense gravitational field that pulled towards it all the vessels in the area which remained intact after the attack and engulfed most of the outpost's structure. A few minutes later the liquid sphere started reverting back to it's original shape and composition and trapped those ships in it. Moments later, much of the exotic matter started fading away however a few of the wormholes created this way seem to have become stable and are still open. One such wormhole is in the middle of Inara's sun and by the looks of it, its presence is having an influence on the sun's activity.

Present ...

Everything is back to normal in the solar system now however those few wormholes are still open and it seems they are stable enough to travel through them, but no one knows for sure what lies beyond ... the promise of fortune, new technology or places where our laws of physics don't even apply. All things considered, for the moment the scientists are extremely concerned about the wormhole in the middle of the sun. First scans indicate some of the nuclear matter from the star is escaping through the wormhole at a huge rate, destabilizing the chemical processes inside the sun, if this continues for long, the star could go supernova ...


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