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Serenity Outpost

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A large number of ships belonging to the pirates and the local law enforcements clashed not long ago in remote sector of the Asaris debris field. This field is supposed to contain the remnants of a world once destroyed by a comet impact and is a popular playing ground for any scientist with some spare time and a science ship in his hands. Pirates usually hunt down these scientists to capture their ships and sell them on the black market, as such there's been an increased presence of police and military patrols in the area. Large scale conflict between these parties was unavoidable and less than one year ago it happened .... during the battle some of the army bombers shot a few torpedoes to bring down the larger pirate ships, however one torpedo missed it's target and impacted on an asteroid, what happened after that came as a shock for everyone, in more ways than one. It would seem that particular asteroid contained some elements previously unknown which become very unstable when something impacts them, thus when the torpedo hit, a huge EM shockwave originated from the asteroid and instantly destroyed all ships inside the Asaris field and a few more that were close by. The asteroid itself cracked and got split in half. Nowadays, scientists have built this station to allow them easier access to the secrets of these unknown elements hidden in the asteroid and named the station " Serenity Outpost", referring to the calm that set in Asaris after that EM blast.


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