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Call for Artists - Miner Wars

Dear game developers,

Keen Software House ltd. is proud to announce that due to the enlarged scope of their project called "Miner Wars" the studio is looking for authors of code, 3D models, art & graphics and music.

The studio is willing to offer its time investment fee program for any people who would like to choose to participate on the project.

Any person interested in game development is welcomed to come and discuss with us their possible project participation. The studio will value the willingness to participate as the No.1 factor for acceptance. The studio welcomes any people who have tried to make their own Indie game in the past or are just eager to start and gain some experience.

Keen Software House is looking for people with these skillsets:

Coders - Essential is the knowledge of object oriented programming, preferably C# experience (not mandatory)

3D Modellers - experience with any 3D modelling software like 3Ds MAX, modellers can start contributing their models in the game immediately. Experience with texturing the models is a big advantage.

Art & Graphics - the studio is essentially looking for anyone who wishes to contribute to the game with their own art or graphics style. Studio is especially interested in people with texture drawing experience.

Musicians - the musicians can contribute their work into the game under the watchful guidance of our Audio Director Dan Wentz.

How to apply? Please come the the game website and start a thread on the forums.

Additionally the studio would like to say that most of the current team has been recruited from the original fans of this game on its forums.


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