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Kece 2.0 Industrial Facility

space station, industrial, facility, sci fi, asteroid, base, mining, harvesting

Another low poly redesign of an older model.

Tags: space station, industrial, facility, sci fi, asteroid, base

Nowadays, corporations are actively searching for asteroids containing rare minerals. Once in a while they hit the jackpot and Kece is one such example. The ore found in this asteroid, when combined with certain explosives enhances their destructive power more than a dozen times. This is the base material for the surface bombing weapons onboard the "Liberty" Warship. The asteroid's unique ore makes pirates and especially the guerrillas to try and raid on a daily basis the facility or at least the transport ships leaving it. Significant security forces can often be seen in the area.


  1. Looks really good! I'll put it into the next iteration, maybe even it will be the new starting base (putting the best foot forward that kind of thing) even though I really love the smuggler's den model. Question in the interest of me gaining more knowledge/experience regarding game art: how long did this take to textue? thanks again

  2. Hey mate.
    Well, the texture itself I'd say took about an hour or a bit more. But the unwrapping ... that's another story.

    I'm glad you like it.

  3. So how long did the unwrapping take? I've tried it a few times, but gave up in frustration.

  4. Least 5 hours. The asteroid gave me a hard time cause I couldn't unwrap it the way I wanted it so I restarted it several times. In the end I made a compromise and just unwrapped it in a way that it would make it look acceptably good, meaning no extreme texture stretching. I also made it in such a way to you can easily change the texture for it in like a minute if you wanted. You just take a rock texture and place it on the main texture file and that's it, you've modified the entire model look.

  5. Used your model for test mapping for Dawn of War: Soulstorm game.
    Trying to bring new approaches to mapping/scripting with your help.
    Thank you for lots of models available to use!


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