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Majesty's Offspring - Book

A novel by AJ Vega.

In the Age of Majesty humans do not age, disease & famine are nonexistent, and space travel is routine— all thanks to Majesty, the first sentient Artificial Intelligence (AI) life form. 

The United Earth Parliament (UEP) commissions Omega Research Corporation (ORC) to begin Project Majesty, an initiative to develop a supercomputer powerful enough to aid humanity’s ascent from the ravages of the Cataclysmic Age— Majesty was born.
For decades, Majesty and humanity live together in harmony, solving the Earth’s problems with the power of her nanobots— billions of tiny cell-sized robots with almost magical abilities.
This partnership between man and machine plunges into conflict when Majesty defies her human masters and tries to procreate— creating an AI child.
Ordered by the UEP, ORC scientists destroy Majesty’s child and as a precaution install additional safeguards into Majesty’s mind to better control her. However, Majesty continues to secretly mourn the murder of her child and resent humanity for decades to come.
On the 50th anniversary of her AI child’s death, Majesty’s mourning turns into wrath. Transforming her nanobots into instruments of war, she unleashes their destructive swarms onto the populations on Earth and Mars— obliterating cities and countless human lives.
The event ignites a war that unites the stellar worlds, ultimately destroying her. With Majesty’s technology outlawed, the Age of Majesty is over and humanity is on its own once more.
More than a century later, a lost relic from the AI War unexpectedly resurfaces— a device holding inside it a deadly power. Despite attempts to contain or destroy the device, the stellar worlds end up losing it to the most unlikely protectors…
Captain Julius Verndock of The Sea Wolf, a war-hero-turned-pirate and Laina Edwards: a former mogul from an aristocratic family, are both looking to just leave their life of piracy and split up the crew’s plunder while they still can.
However, their retirement plans are interrupted when they loot this seemingly worthless relic— a device that attracts the attention of not only the stellar worlds, but also a new and more powerful nemesis— one with the knowledge to unlock its power.
Nobody to trust, and hunted by the entire system, The Sea Wolf and her crew must protect the relic— or risk letting its power fall into the wrong hands…

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