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Motary Building

Motary building scifi 3d model free download solcommand low poly game ready textured compact box style planetary base hotel colonial

The Motary building, which now is 4* hotel, belongs to a man known only as "Sayid". The building became famous after Sayid trapped a notorious criminal inside and killed him in hand to hand combat. Story starts 8 months ago when a military patrol intercepted an unmarked ship flying below the radar in the northern mountains and after brief chase they managed to damage the ships engine which crash landed in a forest only a few hundred meters from the Motary building. The ship's pilot survived the crash and sought refuge inside the building. By the time the military pilots landed, the criminal already had several hostages taken and had activated a handhelp bomb powerful enough to destroy the building and kill everyone in it. While the military was coming up with a plan to eliminate the threat, Sayid, the owner of the building, took advantage of a moment of weakness when the criminal was beating up a hostage and attacked him. The fight only lasted a few seconds and the criminal was knocked out however during the struggle the bomb, which was fused into his arm, started an automated countdown. Faced with certain death and having to come up with a quick plan to save everyone inside, Sayid took the decision to sever the criminal's arm using a laser knife and ran as fast as he could down to the basement where he threw the arm inside the building's massive vault. A split second after the vault door sealed the bomb detonated, fortunately the vault hold the explosion inside. Following these actions, Sayid became a local celebrity and so did his hotel which now is a tourist attraction after a high tech dynamic statue was placed in front of it showing a slow-motion fight scene between the two men accurately recreated after the images caught by the surveillance cameras.

Quick redesign of an older model made for the "Galaxy Empire" game.


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