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Vandal - modular ship

Vandal modular space ship 3d model free download solcommand parts original concept

Vandal - modular spaceship

In the preview pic you can see a few of the possible variations for this model, such as interceptor, fighter or bomber. You can create more by alternating the modules as you see fit. All the variations use the same texture file.

The Vandal class ship belongs to the "Golden Chrysanthemum" outlaws who control most of the Irimia-3 sector. These pilots are former miners who got laid off after the infamous "Ice Blockade" protest, now turned into criminals and aces when it comes to piloting and they are known to be very aggressive and usually attack on sight without any sort of warning. Due to having no affiliations with any other groups, criminal or otherwise, their resources are few so they usually resort to piracy or raids on colonies and transport convoys in order to capture the necessary goods to build their ships, modules and ammo. The Vandal is their only ship model, built from the ground up by a few captured engineers from the Henova corporation, however, due to its modular design, it is excellent for any task at hand. In a hangar, during a couple of hours, a ship can be easily converted from an interceptor to a bomber(for example) if that's what's needed for the mission at hand. Their design does not excel at anything in particular, such as speed or firepower, but due to the ease with which modules can be added or removed, this makes the ship a very successful design overall. Those modules that can be upgraded include: the cargohold can be expanded, more gun mounts can be added, better sensors can be fitted, engines can be swapped for either speed or power to push more cargo etc. etc.

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  1. A very well done peice. Perfect for game use.

    Thank you Sol Command

    Taylor King

    Imperialism Online
    Project Leader

  2. Hey mate,

    How are things with your project ? Haven't heard from you in a while.

  3. Things are going great, We have changed a lot of things, and are continuing to change them for the better. If you really want an in depth look, feel free to catch me on msn, I'd be happy to show you.

  4. Outstanding as usual SC. Already made about 7 or 8 different versions, perfect for my Freelancer mod. If i could suggest you do a few more like these in modular format. BTW, i made the cockpit transparent, hope you don't mind, looks nice with a pilot sitting in there

  5. Ended up making six finished variants, three cargo and three military ships. Different paintjob for the cargo ships, see through cockpits, custom glass colours, all the usual Freelancer trimmings. Look lovely in game. Link to the images

  6. Wow m8, you really put it to good use, you actually made enough variations for an entire smaller faction hehe. The one called "Hippo Intruder" looks insane.
    I will surely make a new such model as soon as I find some free time so we'll see how that one goes.

  7. hey, the download link is down =(
    very nice models!

  8. The download link is fixed now mate

  9. The sketches are very detailed and clear for the specialists. Thanks for the distinct images.


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