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Alien Communications Hub

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These medium sized structures have recently been found on the edge of human explored space and they're believed to be of alien origins as the design does not match anything in our database. A very powerful shield prevents any type of scans to be conducted on this satellite and as such all attempts to gather any intel on it have failed but after studying it's exterior design some scientists have reached the conclusion that this must be a communication satellite of sort. The structure also seems to be fitted with an array of defensive devices that make capturing it or disabling it next to impossible. So far this structure is still a mystery and it may remain so until such time that we'll make first contact with its creators.


  1. Oook ! You have found it on your database and think that is alien origins. I have found one of them walking around this communication hub . It looks like this one Alien member. People are talking that they have heard them talks and aliens now are creating plans how to occupy half of earth. Soon all newspapers will be talking about this occurrence. I will try to spy this creations and try to warn if I will know something new ! Let`s keep together.

  2. God damn it, I knew this day would come ! The Mayans warned us of an alien invasion in 2013, after the world ended.

  3. yes.. it is happening now . Not soon we all see them ! I heard that first of all they are going to the north of earth . Other world side have time ... not much.. but they have !


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