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Low-poly Asteroids

Asteroid free download 3d models textured uv unwrapped game ready low polygon count 30 meshes 15 various textures solcommand

This is a collection of 30 low-poly asteroid models (500 polys) with 15 different texture sets. You can always apply your own texture of course, if it suits your game style better.

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  1. cool..............

  2. Indeed awesome! Thanks man!!!

  3. So.. for how long have you been playing EvE? :) I checked out your skydrive and the models look amazing. I'm on a little spacegame project and I'll certainly credit you if I finish the game.

  4. I played EVE for a few years but I quit about 2 or 3 years ago. I'd like to get back to it but not sure when that will be :)

  5. Hey what a cool site is this!
    cheers gannebamm


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