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What 3d models do you suggest

what 3d models would you suggest me to create next scifi futuristic low poly solcommand

Hey guys

Considering the fact that the internet is filled with 3D models of spaceships and space stations, I was thinking that maybe I'm wasting my time making more of these and I should also start making other types of sci fi models that you may like. So now I'm asking you, what sort of original sci fi models would you think it would be cool to find here on my blog to download and use ? Maybe some sort of scenery objects that you can see floating in space during your flights through a solar system, or cargo containers, satellites, guns ... dunno, you tell me, what would you want to see ? Post a comment here and let me know.


  1. Not often that use see actual wreckage or derelict ships models, and maybe some small spy drones or nasty mines.

    That should keep ya busy for a while SolCommand.

  2. Well for recreation of existing ship designs, what about Legend of Galactic Heroes or Battletech ships? Those are cool and nearly non-existant in 3D. The nets if only full with the usual ships from the well known universes. Those ships are great but gets boring after seeing them everywhere, and the rest is ignored for, for me, unknown reasons. Battletech have one of the most original battleships and starhips around.

    For original models, as Darkone suggested derelicts and huge wrecks are always neat things (I want to make a few of them myself too asap). Old Homeworld-ish ships from ancient times, or forgotten colony ships or solar sailers :) Dunno, just few stuff, that popped into my mind this morn.


  3. I second the idea of wrecks of various sizes, the universe is full of shiny new ships ;) Also stations, installations and weapons are the items I had to search to find nice looking ones or to build them from scratch. Would be nice to see You continue the excellent work on those.

  4. 1. Plugin-type of weapons for your existing spaceships would be cool. It can be used as enhancements during gameplays.

    2. Sci-fi cars - unity has a nice starter kit for racing game and lots of indies and hobbyists tryin it out.

    3. Rigged bots (like droids) - Can't find these anywhere, but I dunno if u plan to rig ur models too.

    As always, you are awesome buddy.. Thanks

  5. What I'd love to see is completely ready packages for Freelancer.
    Textures, surs, etc.
    Especially the bases. ;)

  6. Hey friend I just love this idea and I suggest you should choose guns and weapons for your spaceship that would be awsome!! Good luke

  7. Love the work that you do here! I like the idea of wrecked ships and stations. Weapons would also be nice to see since I love the few that you have already worked on. Another idea could be some sci-fi city oriented models, futuristic buildings and street objects.

  8. Darkone, those are actually all cool ideas and I’ll make something based on that.
    Kuze, I’m not familiar with those 2 titles and I searched on google for images with them but on Battletech I found only pics of robots, not ships.
    Tiger, yes I agree, stations are bit more scarce than ships so I will continue making new ones.
    Makubex, you are right, a set of ship weapons would be needed because those I usually find on the internet are either plain ugly or too low poly.
    Robocop, I feel you mate but I really prefer to release the models in a default format, ready to be used by anyone instead of a Freelancer-specific format, so that more people can enjoy the models.
    Angelina, well it looks a lot of people are asking for guns so I take it that I really must make some hehe.
    Brewster, you’re onto something there, so I’ll do my best to release soon a model of a small futuristic colony as those are really scarce.

    Thank you guys A LOT for your suggestions and ideas. You really helped me understand what models you guys would actually need and want to see.
    Cheers for that.

  9. You are right with the model formats. It is easier for a Freelancer modder to convert a max or lihtwave, you name it, model into a cmp with all the coding, than for a non-FL person to convert a cmp into a 3D format. CMP is a Freelancer exclusive file and known only by FL modders (I believe).

    You can find Battletech ships here btw:

    New stations are always welcomed. YOu can combine the colony with a station by making an O'Neill type habitat :) If you by any chance red the book Schismatix, you know what I mean :)

  10. A super lazer weapon?

  11. Deep space spacecrafts like the sleeper :)

  12. I'd like to see more asteroids, asteroid bases, shipyards and even standard station designs. Along with some space turrets and that which has already been suggested.

    Great work on your models they are all high quality work.

  13. I'd love to see dropships and such, to act as interface between the ships and the ground fighting ! They could be either stowed inside the bigger ships, or else ?
    Or some sort of ancient/alien guardian ship, perhaps a bit biomechanical ?

    What about modular ships, that assemble and dis-assemble for different purposes ?

  14. Hello,

    Love your work. Those models look cool and refined.

    What I like the most are those spaceships concepts that still retain a level of realism in the physics side, not being totally sci-fi, unrealistic concepts.

    This doesn't mean to not to be creative. I just think that the designs should give the impression of sense.
    When I see I model I wonder things like, where is the crew at? how does it maneuver? or what is it for that 'little thing' on that side?

    Other than that. Brilliant job. Many thanks for sharing.

  15. I'd like to see/use space fighters/bombers that show heritage from current fighters.

    I'm making a mod for a game and i cannot design fighters at all.

  16. I'd like to see some spaceship interiors, such as the cockpit or cargo bay for example, as these are hard to find.

    1. Hi Solcomand i love your work im using some of your ships principally cargo ships who can transport modules like the new ISSA cargo ship you make they are a beauty, im making some bases but i can suggest for all and i think is a great idea modular sections with simple interiors and doors connections for be transported by surf ice cargo ships in a terraformation planet colonie.
      Im working for a project of Vehicule simulater who have a mod called Mars expedition 1 but is a sand box for much more advanced fictional scenery for the future if anyone want to see it please see the link bellow.
      This scenery is the most detailed landscape from Mars for a virtual engine, they use for the topographic data Mola megt.img format at resolution meg 128 sinusoidal NASA's Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter. i Hope you like the project.

      Many of the models from Solcommand are in target for this free mod for VSF.


    2. Cockpit of a fighter :) I've been searching such models and it turns out that there aren't much out there.

  17. Wow, I LOVE the video you linked. That game seems just great.

  18. Thank you all guys for the comments and suggestions. I've made quite an impressive list of future models that I need to do, based on your ideas so hopefully they will be good enough to be used in your projects.

    Cheers yet again.

  19. Wrecks. Wrecks are cool, seldom seen and as it looks only Elite Dangerous is going to exploit the idea of wrecks and their later reuse. So wrecks that show internal structure may be on the cool side of life, at least imho :-)
    BTW will the "WIP Ship Pack" be available sometime (or is it already)?Otherwise keep up the great work.

  20. What I would like to see is more of the not so fancy stuff like shuttles and freighters. They would make up the bulk of the galaxys traffic I think.


  21. Riftroamer - I've seen that video of the wrecked ship in Elite and I have such a model on my to-do list, I just hope I find the time to make it some time soon.

    Gonzo - I'm not much of a fan of shuttles but I am of freighters so I will try to make such a model.

  22. I'd like to see something along the lines of a "city ship". I'm not thinking "Macross" here, but more a large ship that's a chain of city domes with docking ports and such for long-range colonization or even for use as an orbital space habitat. There could even be several different types of domes that can be mix-and-match (cityscape, agriculture, livestock, recreation, etc.).

  23. Honestly I'd like to see how you fare at making more organic models, if you are sticking with ships then something akin to the Wraith from Stargate Atlantis. I've not found a great selection of ships while looking around online though, nothing compared to the quality you provide anyway.

  24. It is always interesting for me to read your articles since every model you describe helps me understand many useful and important facts that are incredibly serious.

  25. Hi SolCommand, why not some Jovian Chronicle-style ships ? I like much their realistic designs ^-^


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