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Early WIP inspired by Cathcart

Yesterday after I saw the "Spider Concept Art" made by the great RSI art team for their Cathcart lawless solar system I knew I had to make a model based on it, just for kicks. The render above shows the wip I made today and I don't know yet if this model will turn into a space station or a ground base, so time will tell :)

For those not familiar with the Cathcart System, it is a bonus unlocked during the fund raising campaign. Here's some really cool info about it taken from the RSI website:

Cathcart System

Ownership: Lawless (Pirate)
Planets: 0
Planetary Rotation: n/a
Import: Refuse
Export: Salvage
Crime Status: High
Black Market: Weapons
UEE Strategic Value: Purple

Cathcart is widely recognized as a ‘pirate system,’ and its reputation in the UEE expends little treasure trying to downplay. At heart, Cathcart is a galactic junkyard with no natural planets and no particular redeeming qualities. It’s been humanity’s prime dumping ground for radioactive debris, failed starship hulls and out-of-date space technology for generations. The only enforced rule: leave the route between jump-points clear at all time.

The inhabitants of Cathcart have constructed makeshift environments by lashing together wrecked ships, orbital platforms and anything else that can be re-pressurized. It’s an interesting environment that has spawned a truly unique subculture… but the huge population of pirates, smugglers, mercenaries and outright killers means that anthropologists won’t be documenting it any time soon.

Cathcart’s largest “world” is called Spider, a sprawling mass of abandoned UEE warships spiraling in ever-increasing mated tendrils around an ancient colony ship’s massive hull. Visitors are encouraged to keep their suits on during their stay, as the shoddy construction of the inhabited areas often gives out. Still, it’s a great place to pick up a bargain if you aren’t picky about what century your ship upgrades came from.


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