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Giza pyramid spaceship

Giza pyramid spaceship space ship ancient design spacecraft building starbase motherbase derelict flying 3d mode lfree download textured uv unwrapped solcommand

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This pyramid spaceship was built by the eccentric billionaire Khufu Pinback as a tribute to an old Earth TV show that basically started his family business and got him the fortune he still has to this day.
This ship is used as a luxury liner for tourists who visit the great desert planet part of Morgan's planetary circuit and is capable of carrying 304 passengers and crew members in  ultra luxurious conditions. Its powerful Naquadah powered engine units provide a smooth and steady ride over the desert below and one might argue this type of power generator is over the top for a ship this size, however the extra power for engines is needed due to the material from which the hull is made. To achieve the look of ancient bricks for the hull plates they used Trinium alloy which, apart from having the necessary properties to insulate the ship against outer space radiations , is also extremely heavy, hence the need for better engines.

This model was inspired by this very cool pic made by Meewtoo although I've wanted to do something like this ever since I was watching Stargate SG-1 many years ago, because if you remember, in that show Daniel Jackson had some very "wild" theories related to the pyramids in Egypt and other things.


  1. That's not a pyramid, it's a space station! ;)

  2. While this does make Haulers the best option for players near the beginning or mid-game, they are not the fastest in the business and certainly not the most lethal.


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