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Kerr Interceptors

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Kerr Martin, co-founder of "Kerr & Hammer Systems", designed these interceptors by request from his 12 year old son who wanted a spaceship he can fly without having a legal permit to do so. In order to comply with his son's request, he made this ship with just the absolute basic systems in it, so you have the main computer and sensors, the life support systems, two engines and that's it, however the engines placed on it make this ship fast, very fast, cause as everyone knows, young boys like speed.
It turns out there were a lot more kids out there who wished the same so this ship became a best-seller over night and is now in production in several facilities across the colonies to keep up with the demand.

Two small ships I did for fun today after seeing the concept art made by Alanquiroz.
These ones are meant to be very low poly with a count of just 976 triangles per ship and they come with 3 textures variations.


  1. Just need these desperately to be in my game today! I just love the concept. Sol commander you are a machine, every day I pay a visit to your blog there is something new. Keep them coming. Cheers.


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