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Ship Pack WIP

spaceship collection wip work in progrss texture uv map 3d model scifi

Hey guys.
Due to some RL problems I haven't been able to work so much on these 3D models so I decided to put them up for download without texture, until such time that I get to making one. The models are fully UV-unwrapped and they all use a single texture file. I've added in the download archive a blank texture you can use to paint on. I have also left all the objects on the ships detached so that it is easier for you to edit the configurations to be more to your liking, as this is pretty much what you would call a modular ship pack.


  1. This modular ship is just amazing, but I suck at texturing spaceships in general. It would be great if you do it so I can bring this great piece of work into "Space Explorer". Cheers!

  2. Hi Sol, its Rags from Tekagis, Just popped on to have a quick look and BAM, very nice work.... Going to get Iceman, the one that textured and put ALE onto your Mass Exel, to have a look at these and see what he can come up with... As we are still working on Tekagis Revenge at the moment we are doing the new ships so this is good timing, going to add this set but will of course give you a heads up when Iceman has played a bit..LOL

    Chat soon Buddy


  3. Leocesar, unfortunately it will be some time until I get to do it simply because I have a lot of other projects that require my attention first :(

    Rags, that sounds great. Iceman sure knows his way when it comes to making a model look cool so no doubt he'll make something really good with these ships if he wants to work on them. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with. Cheers for the heads up.

    1. No problem mate! I will give it a try at texturing it soon (must learn a lot from you). Thanks!


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