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Dominion PC game - kickstarter

Hey guys

I just wanted to let you know that the kickstarter campaign for the pc game called "Dominion" made by the indie company Mak Software Studio was launched a couple of days ago:

Your help on this project would be very much appreciated so here's the short version on the description for the game for you guys to decide if it sounds interesting enough to earn your support.

Dominion is a sandbox game. You will be given all the in-game tools and toys which let you do what you want, how and when you want to. The Dynamic Event Engine (DEE) will make use of the "sandbox" and throw in a wide range of dangerous, fun, and mysterious events at you as you travel the galaxy. A standard distress call could be exactly that, or a pirate's trap... or perhaps something more dangerous, as you stumble upon something that wasn't meant to be found.
Your role in the game is determined by your actions, and the local laws and policies of whichever system you are in.
The ships you'll steal or buy will have a past, a history. Just like buying a used car - buying a used ship you have to be careful of where it came from. How many light-years on the clock? Was it a former pirate ship? What about it's markings? Clearly some kind of faction. Is someone going to shoot you on sight because it's from a rival clan? Will the Navy haul you in for piracy when you've never stolen a single credit? You may want to get the ship re-id'd to make sure, and best give it a paint job before someone recognizes it.
Exploration is a big thing in Dominion so the game will be built to have 200,000 stars, over 1,000,000 planets, at least 1,200 unique species and civilisations, most of which are waiting to be discovered.
Discover comets, deadly planet-threatening asteroids, new resources, first-contact species, and much more!

What you can do in the game:
- bounty hunt - and it's a real hunt, not just you sitting at a coordinate and waiting for them to show up
- enlist in the Imperial Navy
- do commercial jobs - cargo transporting, passenger taxi services, be a courier...
- purchase orbital bases or stations (Stretch Goal)
- go rogue/pirate, steal cargo, fulfil a hit, even order a hit...
- explore - there's plenty of the Great Unknown still out there
- pimp your ride - reskin/reconfigure your ships to your hearts content (Stretch Goal)
- go mining - resources are always in demand
- and so much more ...

If it sounds interesting so far have a look through the full game description at their campaign's page and if you like it please support them in this endeavour.

Cheers !


  1. Yeah, sounds interesting! I will take a look through the full game description and, of course, support them in this endeavor.


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