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SSC Mining Outpost

SSC mining outpost space station futuristic asteroid complex miner commercial civilian cargo docking bay factory refinery gas fue ldepo solar panels original concept art 3d model free download solcommand

The SSC Mining Outpost is located somewhere in deep space and few know of it as it does not show up on most commercial solar system charts.  This station is designed for rare ore extraction from high density asteroids and for that purpose it has a large processing plant where asteroids get hauled in by small automated drones or local miners looking for a share of the profits.
The station is fitted with a refining system for ore and gas and it also has the facilities to build ship parts for the few miners who are operating in its area. Installed on one of the sides of the asteroid is the fuel depo, large enough to sustain operations for a long period of time without the need for frequent refueling as the freighter convoys which come in this area are rare and those sometimes fall prey to clans of pirates lurking on route. Slightly below the fuel depo is a large array of solar panels that provide all the necessary power to the station and slightly more. Due to the station being located in an asteroid field, these solar panels sometimes get damaged or even destroyed by the small asteroids flying around so, in one of the interior storage areas, the station keeps several dozens spare panels for parts or replacement.
At the bottom of the home asteroid is the external storage area where cargo units are moved in and out for different purposes, like freighters which are too large to dock inside a hangar or for the miners who wish to deposit their mined ore without docking with the station.
All in all, this is one of the best mining facilities in the sector for veteran miners who have the ships and equipment to tackle high density asteroids but, due to its location so far out, few know of it or wish to go through the hardships of deep space mining.

This wallpaper render was made by Walter B. Meyers. Please contact him if you'd like a much better quality version of it.

Part of the main building of the station is inspired by a Star Citizen concept art and the solar panels are made after a Black Prophecy design.
This model was made for the "Dominion" game but it is also available for free download.


  1. Cheers mate. Hope it's gonna be of some use in your game when the time comes.

  2. This is incredible! Thanks a lot for sharing! I'll be using a lot of your amazing models for my masters thesis. :)

  3. Sounds great Mischa ! I'm really glad my models are of so much use to you. If it's not too much hassle would you mind showing me also how you used the model, once the work is done ? I really enjoy seeing how people use my work, it actually inspires me to do more and better models.

    1. Well, tbh, our plan kinda sounds like this: 1.) make a prototype for the master thesis and then 2.) make a startup on top of it (we are 2 devs) and 3.) contact some artists (like yourself) for commissions. But it's still a long way 'till then (about 8 month) so for now we need to rely on great free models like yours. And of course, I will keep you posted on the progress and "buy you a beer" from time to time ;)

  4. Funny. The Asteroid-Station on which the first Game from Abominatus Games will take place is planned to be something similar. But with an asteroid thats about 20 times bigger and with Fusion-Reactors instead of Solar-Panels for power-generation. :D

  5. Well, Mischa, I wish you the best of luck with the project and I hope to hear back from you soon with updates on the progress.

    Saab, that really sounds interesting. Asteroid stations are something that many space games lack, for some odd reason so it's good to hear that game will have a station like mine.

  6. Glad to see it was worth commissioning this station Sol - beyond it just being for use in Dominium and for SSC dwellers! It seems to have drawn a fair bit of interest here - good work ;)

  7. Hehe Malcom, yeah you're totally correct ! This particular model is on my personal favorite list and I'm a bit sad at the moment that I cannot find the time to work on it a little more and do some changes for a version 1.5 or 2.0 but some day I will :)


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