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Void Destroyer Kickstarter

void destroyer kickstarter campaign original concept art solcommand game 3d models paul zakrzewsky freelancer homeworld indie dev

Hey guys

I just wanted to make you aware of a kickstarter campaign for a PC game made by the indie developer Paul Zakrzewski just in case you might be interested in supporting this great game project.
The game is called "Void Destroyer" and is a hybrid between a space combat simulator and real time strategy, which basically means you can either be the pilot (like In "Freelancer") of any ship in your fleet, be it a fighter, cruiser, carrier etc.  or take command of your colony and your vast armies like in "Homeworld".
I could talk all day about it as I think this is one of those great games that don't come out too often but I'll try not to bore you with a wall of text, instead I'll leave you with this link to the kickstarter campaign where you can discover all the details about the project and also here's a nice video showcasing the game in its current state.

p.s. There is also an alpha-stage demo for you to give it a try.

Campaign's page:

Trailer and Kickstarter Pitch:


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