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Mobile Shipyard - WIP

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Hey guys
If you have some time I'd like your input on this model I'm working, a mobile shipyard. It's supposed to be able to move around and jump from system to system like a normal ship would and it can build other smaller ships or various space objects. From my point of view the ship is pretty much done as it is but still, if you guys can think of some other modules I can add to it to make it look more industrial or more fitting for the task at hand please let me know.


  1. Looks great, nice to see something different from the typical skeletal cubes or cylinders you usually see. Looks like it'd be capable of repairs too, since a ship could get into position for those mechanical arms to fix it.

  2. Yup. I'm thinking it can be use in games to build ships exactly where you need them, far from your station-shipyard or planet of origin. Also because of its flat shape, as you said, it can maneuver below ships or structures and start repairing them. Of course you could use your usual smaller repair ships for this kind of job but with this particular ship the repairing would go much faster.
    I'm thinking that for construction operations this ship should be accompanied by a cargo hauler which would carry the necessary parts (metal, electronics) for building various ships or structures.

  3. Yeah that way it wouldn't be too overpowered in contrast to full immobile construction yards, needs to have a downside to compensate for the 'build anywhere' mechanic, the separate supply ship for the resources would be an interesting mechanic in a game, possibly having the distance to the nearest supply ship affect building speeds (as if there are shuttles going in-between moving the materials), or having two make the construction slightly faster? Just an idea :P

  4. You can make a derivative to a Starhammer. Remove the robotic arms, make it longer and add a big exotic device that takes a big chunk of the spacecraft and that's it.
    A Starhammer is spacecraft I seen as an addon on the web for the Rifts tabletop RPG which as for unique function to jump into the core of a star and generate disturbance in some 1/100,000th of a seconds to collapse the star and force an explosion equivalent to a mini supernova.
    Starhammers haven't a standard design and are built mainly on a big FTL core surrounded by a strcture like the one you made, with small drives and a small crew module that is evacuated before that the Starhammer is triggered. There are no weapons on the spacecraft itself since the spacecraft is already a weapon by itself, but the crew is protected by some cybershells.
    Just a suggestion, I will implement Starhammers into FARC so... wink wink lol.

    1. Of course I will take the two, you made a great ship already :)

  5. the only thing I would have suggested was the addition of either a ship or station under construction, with internal decks etc.
    but as always some truly imaginative & awesome work.....they remind me a lot of the artwork covers that appeared on a lot of the 1970's sci fi novels

  6. Maybe make the construction gantries curve up along the edges.

    Other than that, I want one!


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