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BEYOND - sci fi short film

This is a very cool sci fi flick I came across today and I just felt I should share it with you guys, so if you have a few minutes to spare I recommend you have a look ;)

Arya is the last remaining member of her family, a lineage with a unique genetic code that grants the ability to survive the folding of temporal and spatial boundaries... In short, she can teleport. Tasked with exploring new planets, she is in search of something that will explain who exactly she is and where she comes from.

Director: Raphael Rogers
Producers: Raphael Rogers, Bianca Malinowski
Talent: Bianca Malinowski, Andrew Varenhorst, Raphael Rogers


  1. Very interesting work. Some pointers ... (although they prob can't hear them :p)

    1. The whole story of DNA being so durable just because of a tiny strand, could use some realism enhancement.
    2. Teleporting from her livingroom?
    3. Such a humongous project, could at least get some attention from government, military, science community ... not some lonely girl, looking for her dad!
    4. A slug-thrower (pistol), really? .... lasers do exist today ya know!

    Despite all those shortcommings, I give it a 5 star because it's a very hard effort of 2 people that produced it and played in it .... That, deserves a big Kudos!

    1. Astounding. Seriously. Kick-butt graphics/video effects beyond (npi) outstanding. Outside-the-box story line leaves it wide open for plot variance, expansion, and sub-plotting. Technically exhilarating and outstanding writing and acting. Definitely attention grabbing and holding. I give it an easy 10 without working up a sweat. Seriously. True genius. Nice work.

  2. Sorry mate but the girl is taking my full attention so I can't really notice any of the things you pointed out :D :)

  3. She is a ten. One though ten the best. Continue with movie help her with happiness the end.

  4. Quickly;
    1. DNA is surprisingly durable.
    2. Her difference would naturally allow her to move from anywhere to anywhere provided the tesseract connection holds.
    3. Her ability is inherently hers, government/military intervention and incompetence isn't required, and no amount of their busy-body, power hungry, nosy Parker behavior would assist or prevent her from exercising her ability.
    4. The movie gave us no conclusive evidence that slug throwing was her pistol's single function. It may have more. Also, any technological weapon can be interfered with or even rendered useless by a countering technology.
    Simplest is best when dealing with unknown and unidentified assailants.

    Good short film with many possibilities.



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