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Ender Battlecruiser

Tris: 7,398

The three Ender battlecruiser prototypes were commissioned by the Cyberian Software mega-corporation and built on the shipyards at Colony 47. Their main purpose is to protect at all costs the convoys hauling the latest installment of the popular virtual reality game GTA 5-SPACE to the stores across the solar system. The battlecruisers are equipped with a myriad of weapons, torpedo launchers and other offensive systems, all in hopes that they will succede in their mission to end the recent waves of looting by the legions of hardcore gamers who will stop at nothing to get their filthy hands on a copy of the game. It's a crazy world.

This model was inspired a bit by the SBF Meridian Kerky ship made by Scifiwarships.


  1. The battlecruiser looks fantastic, Sol you have done and incredible work mate, thanks.
    Im in the process of integrating it into the game, and will post again as soon as get it working.

  2. Hey, I'm having a problem with the textures. Whenever I add the texture in Cinema 4D, it's all blurry. Do you know how to fix this?

  3. So we can buy these as models?

  4. After years of sporadically working on it, I uploaded the prototype to itchio. Here you can play it online or download:

    Thank you for the help!

  5. Hey, man! I emailed you couple of years ago about colony ship of some sort. You may remember or not. Nevermind :P.

    My team is gonna use several of your models in RTS game. I hope we will be able to repay you somehow one day. This is how it's gonna look like in our project:


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