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Oxossi AI Destroyer

Oxossi AI destroyer spaceship free 3d model download solcommand spacecraft military artificial intelligence automated

While the Southern Bloc has chosen to prioritize dreadnought and super-dreadnought construction over A.I. piloted destroyers, there are some roles - notably long-term deep space pickets, defensive screens of larger ship classes, and expendable flight missions that are not suitable for human-piloted ships.
To fill this need, the Oxossi Class Destroyer (pronounced Oh-sho-see) was developed based on the standard Southern Bloc vertical axis model with drone ports inset into the hull resulting in a highly compact design that fields 26 drone ports compared to the more common 32, but with an overall mass 60% of the standard destroyer class, making the Oxossi faster and more maneuverable than most peers of its class.

Background story courtesy of Geoff Tuffli from Jubal project. Cheers.

This free 3D model has a triangle count of 49.733. Download it from the available servers.


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