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Sentinel Combat Frigate

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Frigates represent a broad-ranging classification characterized by their lack of rotational habitats despite having a human crew, relatively small size, and generalized functionality.

The Sentinel Combat Frigate was originally commissioned by one of Union's military contractors in 2422, and despite its age, it remains in service today in extremely large numbers as a mainline combat frigate used by polities all over the solar system. It was designed and built by the same orbital shipyards that made the highly successful MCCV-2 industrial ship.
Heavily armored and minimally crewed, it is common as a patrol vessel and assault ship for raids, especially for polities that cannot afford to field destroyers.

It is very maneuverable for its size and due to it's 3 forward facing large engines it can stop on a dime, actually if the captain is not careful the G's this ship can pull during maneuvers can severely injure the crew, to say the least.

Background story courtesy of Geoff Tuffli from Jubal project. Cheers.

This free 3D model has a triangle count of 70.084. Download it from the provided servers.


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